Everyone Stoned CD

Everyone Stoned
Stoned CD
July 2002
47m 00s


This essential stoner soundtrack gathers recordings captured by microphones hung from a garage/studio/bedroom/lounge ceiling. Yeah, many people drifted by: some with instruments, some with talent, some with drugs. By the end of a summer, turns out an "album" was recorded in the haze. "Was it complete?" we asked between bongloads. Who knows, but eventually hundreds of burned, scratched, sharpie-covered copies of the Stoned CD made underground circulation.

01. Too Stoned
02. Actually Juan
03. Psychedelic Country
04. Epic Trial Version
05. Smokalottapotalotta
06. Natural Pain
07. My Friend
08. The Dulldrumms
09. Fudgesicle Charm
10. Milked Whale Tea
11. Two Cliques from the Chemist