DJ Pronto - Prepackaged

DJ Pronto
May 2008


Some songs were just meant to be played over other songs. Any DJ could tell you this. DJ Pronto delivers a mash up album covering artists from most sides of the musical spectrum. If you've ever wondered what Outkast vocals sound like over Aphex Twin, or Jay-Z over Madvillain and Four Tet. How about Grandmaster Flash and Boards of Canada. Every listener is bound to find some connection with this collage of accapellas and instrumentals. DJ Pronto says that he was, "trying to find songs that were perfect with eachother, so I wouldn't have to edit the shit out of each track. Each song was minimally put together. Little to no editing was done after the songs were initially beat matched." Indeed, in some collective conciousness these recordings, contructed years apart, were made for eachother and as a whole they make up DJ Pronto's debut album Prepackaged. Enjoy.