Octoflop began in January 2007 as the electronic music equivalent to the infinite monkey theorem. In our experiment we aimed to produce a competitive body of work by providing domesticated interchangable monkeys with a tabletop of obscured soundmaking contraptions. The aftermath of gear smashing and speaker bashing spans crazy bleepy boingy bouncy catchy abstract preset-surfing beat-splurging bendy wendy bassy to the face with the ace mace doyley lace to keep the neighbors awake baking to the fake fire on a hot afternoon between weekdays, birthdays and holidays wherein concentric parades of dancing children hover about and dream of marshmallow flower gnomes winking at the moonset. Yeah, describing the Octoflop sound is a bit like drawing a smell, which is not impossible, its just pointless.

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Spacewarp - Technobilly - Available - Revoked Status
Candyphlipping - Quality Rhetoric - Hide & Sequel
Mobile Drumbot Circus - Labradoodle Cookbook
Whatswhat - Acidtest - Commerspecial