Dreams + Cereal - Tapeflow

Dreams + Cereal
June 2009


Tapeflow introduces an uncompromising audiojournalistic recording process demonstrating the full gamut of live techniques from the Dreams+Cereal tabletop. A 42-day hardware binge yields 256 crudely conceived sonic discoveries transferred raw from three consecutive 90-minute tape cassettes. Tapeflow prematurely unveils elements from upcoming Dreams+Cereal albums as well as remixes of Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Cypress Hill, Two Fingers, and more. Additionally, many new signature sounds make a premiere: quadfecta filter, reversed flangecombing, preset rotation, playlist scrambling, dual kp3 feedback, tempo changes and asymmetrical rhythms. Classical elements of resonant neuron synthesis, arrowbangs, radio sampling, and DX breaks are recontextualized since recent breakthroughs in the dangerous field of synaesthetic reverse wavelet encabulation.