Dreams + Cereal - Ryland Project

Dreams + Cereal
Ryland Project
October 2002
63m 22s


Ryland Project is a nine-track album of sincere bedroom-techno compositions. This debut release marks a distinct moment in evolution for the artist; a transition in production styles commencing a new era in homemade symphonic-electronic. Be advised, Ryland Project contains obsessive-compulsive sprinkles of resinous joy sauce. In addition to sand-textured goo-filtered soundscapes, this album incorporates hidden messages, sitars, kermit the frog, and hyper-processed microsamples. Dripping calculations and lofty synths resemble shifty cat-tongue constellations.

1. Epilogue Restore
2. Ethanol Reprise
3. Elastice Rainbow
4. Misinterpretation
5. Limited Sight Distance 1
6. Limited Sight Distance 2
7. Crescent Fresh
8. Classical Public
9. Radio Auxiliary