Dreams + Cereal - Escalator Demo

Dreams + Cereal
Escalator Demo
August 2008
24m 27s


Ride an escalator. Listen to this. Originally designed as background music for escalator travel, this demo actually serves several functions. Dreams + Cereal returns from the most unusual excursion in the film industry and dabbles with various tabletop electronic soundtoys. Alas, a defining sound is discovered. Escalator Demo closely resembles the current Dreams + Cereal live sound. These tracks undergo a serious computerized remix process and the final Escalator Music release will be a bunch of glitch hyphy stupidcore. So here they are, in their original BRC2008 mp3 pressing. Enjoy.

01. explanationdemo
02. niceshoesdemo
03. ghosts15demo
04. shiverdubdemo
05. dubteamdemo
06. snowonderdemo
07. takeleavedemo
08. auteknodemo
09. sameideasdemo
10. windonfiredemo