Avoid the Computer - Trifecta Suite

Avoid the Computer
Trifecta Suite
July 2008
40m 03s

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Certified hands-free computer-free electronic music for sampling, installations, and analysis. A very rare and special batch of recordings feature divine moments in machine conciousness. The question of credibility arises when human talent and modern computing are removed from the equation. Several philosophical implications must be addressed since the discovery of the trifecta filter feedback. Instant sound with instant gratification puts duplication of randomization into question. The implimentaion of the "Avoid the Computer" scale to raise awareness for the nature of the recording process and the proper attribution of talent. Is all recorded sound considered music?

1. Trifecta1
2. Trifecta2
3. Trifecta3
4. Trifecta4
5. Trifecta5
6. Trifecta6
7. Trifecta7
8. Trifecta8
9. Trifecta9